Why Use Us

Choose "Soft&Hardwood Floor sanding" because :-

Firstly we employ a very friendly and relaxed free quotation service where we arrange for, at a time which suits both parties, to meet and discuss what you want from your floor/s. Sizes of the floors will be measured and you will be given a quote to restore your floor/s. No VAT is charged, the quote given is for the completion of the floor/s.

2 phone numbers for easy contact whether at work or home

Never talk about or discuss other floor sanding companies unless I am recommending them to you.

Do not do testimonials as it is to easy write them up myself, if you require to speak to customers or view any of my work it can easily be arranged.

What is discussed at the free quotation is what happens on the day of sanding, we do not say one thing and do another.We use machinery to sand your floor which have very high dust extraction which creates a virtually dust free working environment. It is recommended that if you are having other decorating done in the building to have it all done before your floors are restored.

          Have been sanding floors for 10 years and still have the passion and enthusiasm.We are highly recommended by all our customers which has developed an excellent name for the company.

                       Phone 01592 262753 or 07772493337 for free quotation.