Comment 1
"Our old worn Beech Floor has been given a new lease of life and is once more looking like new. We are delighted with the end result of the hard work done by Mr Hush and would happily recomend his business 'Soft and Hardwood Floor Sanding' to anyone contemplating floor renovation.
N Dryden 28/04/2011
Comment 2

Gordon provided a very competitive quote to sand and varnish our stairs.

He worked extremely hard and arrived promptly each day.

My wife and I are very happy with his work and our stairs.

We just wish all tradesmen were more like Gordon and would recommend him to anybody.

Andrew & Amanda Lawrence 07/07/2011.

Comment 3

I was working in Loanhead Edinburgh last week, 21/03/2014

Maree wanted her 60s floor boards sanded and stained Georgian Medium Oak. It was suggested that she was wasting her money as plumbers had left the boards in a mess.

When Maree saw her finished floors she expressed shear joy and suggested that the person who said she was wasting her time said "I eat my words" I agree they have made a fantastic job of your floors, I could not believe possible.

Very highly recommended , can not express how happy I am with the service and professionalism provided by this company.

Comment 4

Hi, my name is Mark and as of lately (17/03/2014) I got Gordon to sand the floors in my pub after he was recommended by a friend.

Gordon explained the process fully and delivered what he said. He also sanded my Bar top after asking him which I Oiled and it has turned out fantastic.

Highly recommended, very little dust which is important for the running of my pub. 

Comment 5

Gordon Sanded our upstairs floors some 3 years ago and we had him back to do the downstairs last autumn. I recommended him to a friend and they to are very happy with there finished floors. I felt after Gordon came to quote us a price some years ago that I could trust him not just to do what he said he would but with my front door key as their would be no one in the house during the sanding. This was important to me.

Jill&jim 04/01/2016