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Stained Floors

This section is work in progress and will be added to as and when a customer asks for floor to be stained. 
Floor, Canadian Red Wood, thin planks, sanded to a fine finish. Floor to left stained and Lacquered "Jacobean Dark Oak"

Bellow are 40s - 60s boards, stained English Light Oak.
Modern boards can come up very light
Looking at the floor from two different views.

The bellow floor is1900 boards stained Antique Pine.
St Monans, East Pier Smokehouse, somewhere I would highly recommend if a lover of smoked sea food The views from its location across the Forth to The Isle of May are stunning.
The owners of this eatery requested there upper floor, previously painted to be Sanded clean, stained dark and coated with Lacquer.
Bellow and across are some pictures of progress and outcome. 

Colour of Stain, Jacobean Dark Oak mixed with Black, 2 parts Jacobean to 1 part Black.  
On 1930s - 40s boards



Again Jacobean Dark Oak, except the boards are wider, 1900s approximately. This seams to be a very popular colour.