Hi and thank you for visiting my web site.

My name is Gordon Hush and I am the owner / manager of "Soft and Hard Wood Floor Sanding" and am the person who will sand your floors, responsible for the pleasure you will receive when you view them restored to there original beauty.

I have been in business of sanding/restoring wooden floors for 11 years now, during which time I have created a reputation for excellence in the field of floor sanding.  

I have a passion for sanding floors, a point often made by clients as to why they chose me to restore there floor. I see the process of developing a floor to its finished article as something bordering on artistic, creative.

This is a company which has a conscience and is concerned solely with delivering first time what was agreed with the customer.

We only do floor sanding/staining/sealing so as to concentrate and perfect on this one specialist aspect of flooring.

Restoring your floors is a pleasure, not just another job.

Land line :- 01592 262753

Mobile :- 07772493337

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